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After a year and 7 months….. the Leader 725 that was stolen off my front porch HAS RETURNED!!

I went to Recovery in NE with my gf for a few things…and some dude had it in there! He had bought it for $200 from a garage sale, from a guy who got it from a storage lot sale…. who knows where it was before that. SO: the guy at Recovery basically wanted his money that he paid for it (which is understandable), so the owner Brent fronted me the money, and now it is back in my possession!! Literally could NOT believe that it was in there and that it is now back with me. Crazy.

Major thanks to everyone who was involved with looking when it was stolen, to Recovery Bike Shop, and all of you on here who look out for one another!

HUGE thanks to Brenda too, who put in a ton of work helping me try to find it… you’re the best, B <3


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